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Easy-Peasy Bread

Easy-Peasy Bread

I found this recipe on pinterest. It’s so easy I have it completely memorized. The original recipe called for all-purpose flour but I used whole wheat flour and it work just find.

6 1/2 cups of Whole Wheat Flour
1 packet of dry active yeast
3 cups of lukewarm water
1 tablespoon of kosher salt (regular salt should work too)
extra flour to cover dough
tin foil
cookie sheet
another small pan with 1 cup of water


Set oven at 450*

Mix everything in a bowl. I used wet hands to fully mix everything because it will become really sticky.

Mixed up
After everything is fully mixed in, you want to let it rise for 2-5 hours.
(At this point, you can set the dough in the fridge if you need to- make sure it’s covered!)

Divide dough into 3 loaves, lightly cover with flour and place on a tin foil covered cookie pan. Let sit for 30 minutes. (I have room to only bake two loaves at a time. I let the other loaf sit while the other two cook.)

Cook loaves for 30 minutes with the pan of water on the bottom rack.



See? Pretty easy! Now you have homemade bread and can impress your friends with some mad baking skills.

I would like to try this with a mix of herbs and see how that works. Maybe basil, rosemary or even lavender.

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